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eLearning simulations
eLearning simulations - use real-life examples in your training

INNOVATIVE ONLINE LEARNING SOLUTIONS LMS Integration and Customization. Custom eLearning solutions.

Our online learning services are an excellent solution for different organizations and institutions, whose activities require regular training and online courses.

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eLearning solutions that excite and retain learners’ attention

Our eLearning services include creation of interactive eLearning courses that fit your learning objectives, audience, timeline and budget.

Our online learning courses won’t weary your learners. On the contrary, their content, design and navigation will facilitate the process, so your people can acquire new skills and knowledge easier, faster and with pleasure.

We can localize your eLearning courses in any language, so they can match your audience.

Benefits of our eLearning solutions

• Online learning will increase your employees’ productiveness.

• Show your employees that you really care about them and their development.

Your employees can enroll in the training from anywhere and at any time.

Your customers will be more satisfied and happy.

• You can easily provide your clients with a high-quality online training.

• Your instructors can concentrate on developing trainings that require face-to-face communication.

You will no longer need to rent halls, pay travel expenses and accommodation to gather all of your learners at one place.

• Your eLearning courses can be used by unlimited number of learners for an unlimited time period.

• Online learning will save you time!

• Online learning will give your brand a better look.

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NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers eLearning services for more than 10 years. Our clients are different companies and organization, including UniCredit Bulbank, Allianz, BNP Pariba, etc.

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