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How our learning management system can benefit your school?

It is known that 80% of the information enters into the human memory by vision and only 20% by hearing.

Approximate reading time: 1m 19s

Consequently, except that online training allows the usage of a wide range of multimedia, which makes the learning process more attractive, it helps for the easier and quicker understanding of the learning material.

What is better for teachers and students from the opportunity to access their materials at any time? Schools and universities do not need to be convinced for the advantages of online learning. Their main problem is the financing of such a project.

We will offer you reasonable prices and collaboration. Our e-learning system can empower your teachers to prepare lessons and topics in advance. It also allows online preparation and conduction of tests that are unique for each student, while the results are comparable.

Our platform is not just container for text and pictures. It allows realization of real-time communication between students and conduction of group tasks, projects and seminars. The flexibility of the environment enables feedback and evaluation of assigned tasks. 

Benefits for schools:

• Training materials in online mode are widely used among the most prestigious schools around the world. Many colleges and specialized schools have a training server that holds all of the learning materials and useful information about their students.

• Online trainings allows better positioning of the school at international level and enhances its reputation and competitiveness.

• Distance education allows gaining a larger share in the ever growing market of educational products. It gives independence from the existence of a large number of classrooms and number of teachers, leading to increase in revenues with improved quality of education.

• Last but not least, online training allows schools to attract big names of academiа without the need of their physical presence in the auditorium.

Benefits for students:

• Saves time and money.

• Classes are held at a convenient time.

• Opportunity for communication and exchange of information with other learners.

• Receiving feedback.

• The learning payment is extended in time.

• Usage of modern methods including interactive learning. 

If you are interested in our services or if you have any questions, you can call us at: +359 2 850 53 64, e-mail us: office@nitbg.com or fill in the contact form.

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