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Why choose to learn online?

The main advantages of distance learning

The modern work and business environment is characterised by great competition. Companies that hire people are looking for specialists with higher education, interests and skills in various fields, knowledge of at least one foreign language, excellent computer literacy, etc.

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All of these things matter a lot when applying for a job position. But the problem is that you rarely have time to expand your knowledge in a certain area or to get new qualifications for various reasons: work, family, over-commitment, inconvenient location, etc. Constant changes in new technologies and other activities require periodic retraining of employees, but training is usually very expensive and time-consuming. How can employers and employees deal with these problems?

What are distance learning systems and what are their possible applications?

The answer lies in learning management systems (LMS). Also known as distance learning systems (online learning), they provide a new and modern form of training, with excellent value for money. The platforms allow training on a variety of topics, both for individuals and groups. They provide a wide range of options that make training more innovative and functional, while being suitable for training for small and large companies, educational institutions, organizations, etc.

Around the world, more and more universities are using distance learning (online learning) systems to complement the learning process. In Bulgaria, this type of education is still poorly represented, but more and more leading companies and universities are turning to it. Online courses are easy to use and are preferred by people who can determine when to study and feel comfortable using their computers. LMS's provide teachers with the ability to systematize their course materials and access them at any time, as well as give their students assignments that they can then quickly and easily check.

If you don't know what online learning is like, imagine something like a virtual classroom where learners have access to a set of materials: articles, quizzes, videos, and can communicate through chats, internal emails, etc. E-learning (eLearning) can be combined with tutor consultations and live delivery of some of the lessons. This is a widely used practice by many companies and organizations whose courses are specific and cannot be conducted entirely online.

One disadvantage pointed out by some people is that distance learning (online learning) lacks direct contact. This is undoubtedly the case, but systems are now so advanced that they allow real-time video conferencing between all those accessing a course. In addition, online courses make people more responsible and organised, teaching them to allocate their time more efficiently, as they themselves have to determine the time they will spend on their lessons. Apart from this positive effect, LMSs have other advantages, some of which are discussed below.

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Benefits of distance learning

Wide accessibility

Distance Learning (Online Training) enables large companies with offices spread across cities and countries to train their employees at the same time, while saving on travel and food costs. And being able to access training materials from home allows people with disabilities to also train, all the while maintaining contact with other trainees.

Making conference calls

E-learning can be led and supervised by experts. Learning content can be updated at any time, so if you are a learner, you will always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Saving money

One very important advantage of online courses over traditional courses is that they are cheaper to set up, therefore the cost per learner is lower. In addition to this, they can be used repeatedly and by an indefinite number of people. They are suitable for both small and large companies and universities.

Quick and easy knowledge check

Last but not least, e-learning (e-learning) allows quick and easy knowledge checking by taking tests or uploading projects based on pre-set tasks. In this way, teachers can monitor the pace of development of each student and the results they achieve.

In conclusion

Through distance learning methods (online learning), a new era in educational technology has begun, an era of unlimited possibilities. The many advantages of LMSs make them increasingly preferred. Of course, online courses cannot and will not completely replace traditional ones, but they represent an excellent alternative and complement to them. 

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