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Instructional design

Scientific approach to your online training

Instructional design is the practice of creating effective and beautiful learning experiences by analyzing the targeted audience, its skills and knowledge, and suggesting the best online training solution.

Approximate reading time: 45 sec

Of course, using solid instructional design and development principles.

Instructional design services

Our instructional design services include, but are not limited to:

• Creation of comprehensive online trainings matching your learning and business objectives.

eLearning content creation – scenarios, content, tests, exercises, and all necessary activities, including LMS implementation.

Content repurposing.

• Instructional design for eLearning, microlearning, mobile learning, blended learning, eLearning simulations, etc.

How do we work?

• During all stages of the process we conduct regular meetings with our clients, their subject matter experts and our team members.

• We rely on classical instructional design principles and modern design trends and technologies.

• The most important thing for us is the end result. Does the training meet your needs? How your learners react to it? Do they engage with it? Do they feel more motivated? etc.

Our team

Our team of instructional design professionals consist of:

• Instructional designers

• Content creators

• Online training experts

• Technical writers

Contact us!

Click here to view our portfolio. 

If you are interested in our services or if you have any questions, you can call us at: +359 2 850 53 64, e-mail us: office@nitbg.com or fill in the contact form.

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