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Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom as a leading component in distance learning

As a major disadvantage of distance learning, most people point out the loss of interpersonal relationships.

The sense of community there, however, may be revived by the usage of so-called virtual classrooms.

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is an interactive tool which enables a direct, synchronous connection between learners and trainers.

Virtual classrooms provide interactive and engaging ways to conduct your distance learning - by organizing sessions with questions and answers, polls, chat conversations and more. If you want to hold a life training event, you will need a virtual classroom software and Internet access.

Main features of our virtual classroom software

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers a virtual classroom software, which has the following functionalities:

• User registration.
• Creation of user groups.
• Integrated audio, multiple speakers and high-quality audio service.
• Shared “whiteboard”.
• Option for file sharing.
• Video sessions.
• Chat.
• Online polls.
• Session recording and statistics.

Possible uses of our virtual classroom software

You can use our virtual classroom software, if you want to organise and conduct events that require communication and data exchange, such as:

• business meetings;
• seminars;
• conferences;
• corporate trainings;
• promotion of a new service;
• etc.

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