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Advantages and Features of our LMS system

Learning management systems (LMS) are the tool that is used for delivering eLearning courses. They can also be used for course creation and management, as well as results tracking.

What is Distance Learning? 

Distance learning is carried out using electronic forms of communication such as computers, smartphones, tablets. Distance learning incorporates tests, tutorials, modules, videos, animations, interactions, etc.

Advantages of our LMS system

Course creation is a single process. Content can be used and edited at any time.

User registration is fast and easy.

• Learners can access the courses anytime and from anywhere.

LMS system saves time and money, because it reduces the costs for travelling and hall renting.

• LMS allows easy and precise assessment.

Statistics for passed courses and user performance.

• Easy communication through functionalities, such as chat, forum, email.

Security - controlled access to the system and ability to set rights and roles for each user.


Creation and management of different training resources – modules, courses, tests, exercises, online exams, etc.

• Registration of unlimited number of users.

• Uploading and distributing files of different size and format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, audio and video files).

• Learning progress tracking, assessment and certificate issuing.

• Creation of user groups and assigning group tasks.

• Creation of portfolios, wiki objects, dictionaries, etc.

Export and import of learning materials.

• Internal email system.

• Search functionality.

Our Services 

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers LMS integration - LMS consulting, LMS installation, LMS configuration and LMS management, including training and follow-up consultations. 

If you choose our services, we can install the system on your own server or we can offer you our hosting services.

Depending on your needs and resources you can take advantage of two options for using the LMS - installation of an individual system or hiring our installation.

If you do not have eLearning courses or if you want to make your existing courses more effective, we can help you. We specialize in eLearning design and development.