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Convert Flash to HTML5

Flash to HTML5 conversion services for eLearning content

At the end of 2018, we would like to give you a little reminder that in a year Adobe will stop supporting their Flash Player.

This means that Flash content won’t play not only on most tablets and smartphones, but all major browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox won’t play it either. So, if you have Flash-based eLearning courses, you need to convert them to an HTML5 format.

It may seem an easy task, but this is not true, because if you want a well-designed and developed eLearning course, you need to deal with many obstacles. Our team of experienced instructional designers and eLearning developers can help you during the process.

Flash to HTML5 conversion services

1. All tabs, buttons, links, bars, and instructions need to be designed with HTML5 in mind. Moreover, all interactions and animations have to answer the needs of the mobile device users.

2. In order to adapt to all devices, your eLearning courses need a responsive design. Our experts will analyze your current design and make it more suitable for different devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones).

3. Content needs to be reorganized according to new needs. If your eLearning course is too long, we will recommend you to chunk it into smaller, logical portions, so users won’t be overwhelmed.


1. Analysis stage. We will analyze your eLearning course and choose the best strategy for Flash to HTML5 conversion depending on the type and length of your content.

2. Design stage. If there is a need for a design change, we will offer you a new mobile-friendly template.

3. Course development stage. Our experts work with the most popular authoring tools (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring Suite, etc.). So, no matter what tool you have used to develop your eLearning course, we will be able to help you. If there are any problematic animations and effects, we will replace them.

4. Test and review stage. We will make sure that every single interaction and animation works properly on all major platforms and devices.

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