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Human resources

How HR departments and HR agencies can facilitate and improve their work?

Human resources are the most important element in any company.

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Your department (or a company if you are HR Agency), is loaded with a huge number of tasks – from creating a positive organizational culture and open communication, through selection, training and attestation of personnel and formation of effective teams.

To boost your work, you can use a learning management system.

Key benefits of learning management systems for HR departments

• Interactive learning

Using the system, you'll be able to create and provide your employees with engaging training materials. Electronic training sessions are interactive, require constant attention, promote information retention, and increase return on investment. The content is created once and can be used repeatedly.

• A flexible way of learning

You probably know how difficult it is to organize one training, because you need to contact all the interested parties. Learning management systems are applications that run online and can be accessed from any location at any time. They work well with both desktop and mobile devices.

• Easy to use and manage

Creation and evaluation of trainings is extremely easy. After you get your training into the system all you have to do is to send it to the right employees. For this purpose, you need only a few clicks of the mouse. Monitoring of the results is automated, so you can quickly and easily see which are the people who have already undergone your training; how much time do they need; what are the results of the tests, etc..

• Facilitate the selection and assessment of personnel

If you have a learning management system, it can become the central location for the communication and management of all employees. You can store resumes, send specific tasks to candidates, discontinue the practice with manual tests and their evaluation. Just imagine how much time you'll save!
At the same time, you can easily and conveniently create and assign surveys, personal skills tests, tests for professional qualifications, etc..

• Training for customers and partners

A learning management system can be used by your customers and partners. They can get familiar with your new corporate products and services faster and easier!


• Easy creation, distribution, import and export of content (text, audio, video, multimedia).

• The content can be provided online or using a virtual classroom.

• Set specific goals and skills.

• Automated results tracking results.

• Set individual access rights.

• Automatic reporting and issuing of certificates.

Contact us!

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers installation, integration, hosting and technical support of a learning management system. To learn more about our LMS services, click here.

We also offer custom eLearning solutions – design and development of custom eLearning courses, instructional design, microlearning, mobile learning, etc..

If you are interested in our services or if you have any questions, you can call us at: +359 2 850 53 64, e-mail us: office@nitbg.com or fill in the contact form.

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