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Mobile learning

Meaningful mobile learning solutions that bring results

You know that nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, but did you know that most of the learners enrolled in mobile learning feel more motivated and complete the trainings faster than those using a computer?

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Mobile learning is a big thing, because it gives us the opportunity to learn in a new, modern, interactive and effective way. People like it, so maybe it’s time to consider applying it in your organization.

Advantages of mobile learning

People can learn from anyplace and at any time. Their smartphone is always at their fingertips.

• Mobile learning is a timely and innovative learning experience.

• Mobile learning solutions are result oriented.

• They encourage learners’ collaboration and communication.

Mobile learning services

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers the following mobile learning services:

Optimization of training materials, so they can be successfully repurposed for mobile learning. Your content should be separated in small modules, it should fit the small mobile screens and their touch-based character.

Creation of interactive mobile-friendly content, such as eLearning courses, animations, videos, games, simulations, characters, microlearning content, interactive assessments, etc.

Design of a contemporary vision that meets all UX and UI requirements.

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