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Wheel of life

How to check if there is a balance in your life?

How to use the Wheel of Life? Test it! Do you need a change?

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The wheel of life is spinning... More than once you have felt confused and lost. Your life turns in a dizzying whirlwind of events and emotions, until at some point you do not know where to go next. You feel that chaos reigns in you, you need to organize your thoughts. You are scared.

Stop for a moment. And now take a breath. Did you calm down? Now we will present you a wonderful method that will help you bring clarity to your life. 

Have you heard of the Wheel of Life? This is a technique that aims to give you a clear idea of ​​the balance in your life, assessed on the basis of your sense of satisfaction. Тhis way you will be able to distribute your priorities, it will give you guidance on where you need to invest more effort and energy, what you need to improve. The wheel of life is widely used in conducting seminars for personal development. Depending on your own needs, it can be adapted to different situations. For example, to be used to prioritize tasks and potential customers, what is the level of success in achieving your goals, how committed you are in your work, what are your competencies. Give free rein to your imagination and find the right application you need.

How is the Wheel of Life used? Let's sее.

Draw a circle. Divide it into eight main areas - your priorities. You can replace each of them with a more suitable one. In our example, these are:

  • Health
  • Business/Career
  • Romance
  • Family and friends
  • Development
  • Entertainment/Entertainment
  • Donation
  • Money

It is time to rate the spheres on a scale from 1 to 10, respectively from the lowest satisfaction to the highest. Be honest. The meaning of this exercise is exactly this - to look at yourself, to listen to your inner voice, which you so often ignore. Only then will you have clear results. When you make your choice, connect the dots. You will get a form. The closer it gets to a circle, the more balance there is in your life. If it is disproportionate - this is a clear signal that you need change. The values ​​change over time. Every step you take towards improving a certain area will be reflected in the Wheel of Life. That is why it is very useful for you to perform this exercise at a certain time.

Have a little more patience and write down on a piece of paper 2-3 ways to improve the situation wherever you put less than 9 points. Ask yourself the questions - Are you happy with your life or are you deluding yourself? Are you looking for excuses  for your current condition? What are you ready for in the name of being more successful and happier?

And now you can use our application - a test with which you can check if your life is balanced.

Such an analysis is by no means a waste of time. On the contrary, it will give you a strong impetus and motivation to take the first step towards improving your life.

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