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About online training and required skills

About online training and required skills

Over the past few years, interest in online training has increased significantly, making this industry one of the fastest growing.

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The new opportunities have made many people want to be part of it - to train, to be trained, to start their own business. Initially, however, they all face the same problems - what do I need to know and be able to do, how do I learn it, how do I apply it?

What skills do I need to have to create an online training?

Before you proceed to learn new knowledge to apply in your online training, you need to answer 3 basic questions:

  • What content is appropriate for your specific online training?
  • What should the online training look like?
  • What should learners do as a result of the training?

We will pay more attention to the second question - "What should the online training look like?", i.e. what should its design be. This requires more special skills - some of you may already have them, but there are probably some who are not familiar with the knowledge and tools needed. Pay attention to what the visual communication of the course should be, understand what the term "user experience" means and try to apply its basic concepts.

How can I acquire these skills?

You can acquire these skills without taking classes in a traditional classroom. You can find many open programs and MOOCs to help you learn more about online training and its design. Of course, in order to become a pro in this field, you'll need to apply the same discipline you would in a traditional classroom.

If you're looking for something not quite so formal, you can check out the resources listed below. They are relatively short, straightforward, and don't require any more specialized technical knowledge:

How do I apply what I've learned to online training?

Of course, to be useful, what you read must be applied. Start a short online training, ask your learners for feedback and use what they say in your next training.

Source: http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/get-started-e-learning/ . 

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