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5 audio editors to use when creating online training

Easy and user-friendly audio tools

Many online learning applications have built-in audio tools, but in most cases, they do not provide sufficient control over the audio files and are poorer in functionality.

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In order to help you choose the right solution for you, we have briefly presented some of the best and most popular programs in the following lines.


Audacity is probably the most common free audio editor. It is an open source software, it has options to perform basic recording as well as those for high quality editing. It is used by many users who have formed a mutually supportive community around it.


Ocenaudio's user interface is logical and easy to use. This program is suitable for people who, in the course of their work, need to edit and analyze audio files quickly and without extra effort.

Presonus Studio One

Presonus Studio One has two versions: free and paid. The application has a wide range of functionalities, which makes it a bit difficult to use for people without experience with similar programs. But if you learn how to use it, you will be able to process your audio files like a pro.

TwistedWave (beta)

TwistedWave is an online tool. It allows you to download and edit audio files from Soundcloud, and you can save the results to Google Drive.


Wavosaur is also a free tool. With it, you can process files in wav and mp3 format. The software requires no installation or registry entry.

Of course, you can find many more audio editors on the market and on the web, but these are some of the most preferred. Moreover, they can be used for commercial or business purpose.

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