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Benefits of gamification in eLearning

5 reasons to use gamification in your eLearning

Gamification means taking the essential characteristics of the games as a way of entertainment and applying them to trainings.

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According to researches, employees who are trained with gamification, remember more information and achieve better results. 

What is the secret of gamification?

Gamification uses the principles of the games in order to make training more attractive. This tactic works because rewards stimulate the release of hormones like dopamine and serotonin, and these hormones cause happiness. This leads to faster remembering due to the association of the game with a positive emotion. Big companies like Coca Cola and Nike include gamification in their training programmes.

Benefits of gamification

Reward performance

Gamification provides feedback. When you do something well, you go to the next level, but when you don’t succeed, you remain at the same level or even worse – go back to start.

Increase information retention

If learners don’t remember the information that you included in your training, your objectives are not met. Gamification can boost the long-term remembering of the information.

Boost motivation

Gamification have a psychological effect, which motivates learners to move forward. This is a great way to make employees train willingly.

Happiness and higher revenue

Gamification is the end of the boring PowerPoint slides! Gamification is good for business, because it encourages innovation and productivity.

See, for example, how you can get your employees in the form of a game to find all the actions that waste their time. Play too: Time Robbers!

Ability to demonstrate accomplishments

If you have worked hard to complete a task, it is natural to want to show off with your achievement. For this purpose, gamification uses digital trophies. They serve as indicators of an accomplishment.

We can prepare and implement a training game for more effective training of employees in your company. This can greatly affect their motivation to acquire the necessary knowledge, because it simply will not be boring! Contact us on tel. +3592 8505364 or write to us using the form below!

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