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12 free eBooks for creating online trainings

Learn the practices for creating and managing online training

E-learning and online courses are still little known in our country. But if you are interested in them, whether as a user, teacher, author or training provider, you need resources to draw knowledge from.

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On the Internet you can find a lot of information about what e-learning is, how it is created and how it can be conducted remotely, but most of it, apart from the articles, requires financial resources.

Therefore, today we present you a list of 12 free eLearning creation books (in English) that you can read absolutely for free. They have been specially selected by Articulate specialists and will help you lay the groundwork of your eLearning knowledge.

E-Learning for Beginners

The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro

5 Highly Effective Strategies for Creating Engaging E-Learning

9 Steps to Better E-Learning Project Management

The Essential Guide to Working with Subject Matter Experts

Building Compelling Interactions: What You Need to Know

The Secret to Creating Great E-Learning Videos

Essential Guide to Visual Design

How to Use Typography to Improve Your E-Learning

6 Best Practices for Designing Accessible E-Learning

Getting Started with Articulate Storyline

Getting Started with Articulate Studio

Happy reading!

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