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BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Design and development of an initial training

BNP Paribas Personal Finance is part of the largest financial group in the euro area - BNP Paribas.

Approximate reading time: 1m 12s

About the client

On the Bulgarian market, BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the leader in the credit market and has the largest portfolio of specialized consumer loans.

Project description

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. design and developed the initial training of the company in e-format. The content (text, video, files) was submitted by the client. The aim of the elearning course is to provide the new employees with all the necessary information about the company's policy, customer service processes, company values, etc.

Client requirements

The main requirement of the client was the high interactivity of the training and the integration of the brand vision (colors and logo). The training must visually show the steps the new employee takes in the company in the form of an interactive map.

Our solution

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. designed and developed the training in the form of an interactive map (according to the client’s requirements). We divided the map into 3 thematic parts. Content is displayed after clicking on specific objects. There is a legend that guides the learner in the training as well as easy navigation between the parts of the map.

Description of the process

Receiving and reviewing the content submitted by the client.

Meeting with a client representative in order to discuss the requirements and possible questions.

Design and development of the e-learning course/interactive map.

• Providing the client with the opportunity to continuously monitor the development of the training.

Testing for errors and inconsistencies.

Delivery of the project to the client.


The end result is an interesting e-learning course in the form of an interactive map. Gamification elements make the training more interesting and memorable. They increase learners’ motivation and build a positive image of the company.

The elearning course is designed and developed with Adobe Captivate.

All rights are reserved by the client, meaning the client can use the course to train an unlimited number of employees for an unlimited period of time.

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