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Career development of your employees

How can your employees fulfill their career development plan?

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, employees place career development in their top 5 priorities.

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However, it is not considered as important by the majority of employers.

Having a career development plan is a positive element for both the employee and the employer. The plan should focus on the employee's desires for career advancement, and how the organization can provide them with opportunities for fulfillment.

What to avoid when planning career development?

  • Do not guarantee or contract an employee with the promise that the company will be able to provide the necessary training and development on an ongoing basis. The best you can do is to say that you will help him in every way possible to achieve his goals, but company growth and economic circumstances will have an impact on the employee's desired career development opportunities and promotions.
  • Help the employee execute his career development plan, but remember that the primary responsibility is his. You cannot execute it for him. Explore opportunities, provide them, encourage him, but you can't do more than that. It is up to him to make his career a success.
  • Don't forget about your other responsibilities. As dedicated as you are to the idea of helping your employees develop remember that you need to devote time and resources to your other duties as well.

Discuss your career development plan

To create a career development plan for your employee, talk to them. In advance, ask him to think about what his development aspirations are. What does he want to achieve by the end of this year? And in three years' time? What does he plan to do to meet those goals? How can the organisation help him?

A lot of employees understand career development mainly as undergoing new training, but this is a very limited understanding. You should try to explain to them the options that are available in organizations with a vision.

Write down the highlights of the conversation so you can review them later and think about the best options for that particular person.

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