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How to choose the right colour for your e-learning?

Useful information on the influence of colours on perceptions

When you create your eLearning, you should pay special attention to colors. They influence mood and evoke associations.

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In addition, they can speed up or slow down the pace at which students will move through the course material.

Red acts as a stimulant and can cause excitement and tension. This colour is often used to draw attention to key parts of the training, but care should be taken with its use. Without meaning to you can give a sense of urgency or importance to something that is not.

Orange is an antidepressant and creates a playful and cheerful mood. It can have an inspiring effect on learners and encourage them to continue with their learning. Orange is particularly suitable for drier training sessions as it will give them a more playful character. You can use it during tests to motivate your learners.

Yellow is good for memory and creates a sense of optimism. However, bright shades of yellow are irritating to the eye - so use them sparingly. Use yellow to highlight information that needs to be remembered. We recommend that you choose a warm shade that expresses joy and approval.

Green brings calm. It has a refreshing effect and is the colour that is least irritating to the eyes. Green relaxes the muscles and makes us breathe deeper. It will help your trainees to relax and so it is appropriate to use it after the completion of a more complex part of the training, such as a test.

Blue is the colour of calm, it calms the pulse, it creates a feeling of stability.
Besides, it is one of the most liked colours. It has also been proven that people are most productive when working in blue rooms. Use the color blue to calm your learners when presenting complex information to them. This will help them concentrate on the training material rather than the presentation.

Purple is the color of success. You can combine it with other colors to enhance its effect or you can use it as a complement to your brand's leading color. Purple is a very suitable colour for games.

Black evokes a sense of power and sophistication. It is a suitable colour for text, but by no means suitable for focusing attention.

White symbolizes purity and immaculateness. White spaces play an important role in training - they make text easier to read and help learners stay focused. A good option for font color if the background is dark.

Pink is usually associated with warmth and energy. It is a playful and playful color. Use pink to convey some positive message. You can use pink if your audience consists mostly of women, as there is a strong connection between this color and femininity.


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