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6 computer skills students need to get a job

Help your students be more competitive in the job market

In order for your students to get a job and keep up with modern technology, they need to master a few must-have computer skills that don't involve finding funny memes on the internet before they graduate.

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The list, in general, could be longer, but here we have gathered the 6 most important ones.

Typing is a skill that's at the heart of computer literacy, as it's needed in absolutely all situations - from writing a resume and cover letter, to searching the web and sending emails. If they can type, students will communicate better and with fewer mistakes.

Microsoft Office

Graduate students cannot get a job or do their job duties well if they do not have a decent level of Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word

Formatting texts and documents is the foundation of any professional job they will encounter. The educational environment is ideal for building these skills, but not always sufficient. Offer them training to expand their knowledge and you'll see results with the very next coursework submitted. 

Microsoft Excel

If you deal with databases, you know that Microsoft Excel is your best friend, but also your worst enemy if you don't know how it works. For learners, this applies with full force. It's common for them to go to an interview and lie about their familiarity with the program, which of course doesn't go unnoticed, and soon after they are faced with the reality of their ignorance. No matter the level - beginner or advanced - anyone can learn and after some informal training, increase their capabilities tangibly. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

The visual representation of the ideas and concepts that learners present strongly influences how they are perceived. You must have noticed that sometimes you judge a presentation by how it looks rather than how it is presented. If lecturers judge like that, imagine employers. Preparation is a factor, but knowledge of how to work the program is the key that opens the big doors. 

If your students can work with these 3 tools, they will be prepared for whatever lies ahead after graduation - putting together tables and presentations, preparing professional looking documents and reports.

Google Drive

More and more businesses are starting to rely on Google Drive for word processing, organizing data, and composing presentations. Google Drive includes the same products as Microsoft Office, the interface is similar, but the main difference is that these documents can be shared and edited by other users.

Graphic skills

Among the computer skills that students must possess is the ability to use graphic design software, whether it be Microsoft Publisher or Photoshop. They should be able to compose and edit basic graphic designs. See our Photoshop course

Search the web

To be successful in their careers, students need to know how to effectively search for information on the internet. They need to be able to assess the credibility of a site and retrieve the most useful information.

Social Networking

In addition to uploading photos to social networks, students should be familiar with safety and privacy protocols. Additionally, some social networks such as LinkedIn are professionally oriented and young people need to know how to make sure their profile catches the attention of recruiters.

Certainly, in this article we have not been able to include all the computer skills that students need to have, but if you help them gain a basic understanding of the 6 we have listed here, they will be able to teach themselves the rest when they need to. 

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