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What is distance learning?

Introduction and tips for effective distance training

Distance learning is a modern and effective way of learning.

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It uses electronic forms of communication (computers, phones, tablets) and may include a variety of learning activities, such as courses, tests, exercises, polls, etc.

Distance learning is a form of training that can be used from educational institutions as well as business organizations.

Forms of distance learning

Distance learning can include a simulation of a real-life situation or an interactive eLearning course, containing multimedia elements or gamification. Distance learning can be used independently or as part of a tradition face-to-face training.

What are the main benefits of distance learning?

• Training in a convenient time and place.

• Cost-savvy because you don’t need to hire halls, pay travel expenses, etc.

• Permanent access to training materials.

• Easy and effective evaluation of learners’ skills and competencies.

• Controlled access and ability to set different user roles.

Tips for creating your first distance training

When you start work on the creation of your first distance training must follow some rules.

1. Define the target audience of your training.

2. Identify the tasks that your target audience needs to accomplish.

3. Specify the skills that your target audience needs.

4. Select what information you need to include in your distance training (these are your learning objectives).

5. Identify the modules of your training.

6. Create the design and content of your training (script, text, tests, images, etc.).

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