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The most effective ways to search for a job

How to find a job?

Looking for a job is a difficult time of life. What is the best strategy for finding a job see here.

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Nowadays people change jobs more often than they did 10 years ago. Even people who like their jobs decide to change jobs every few years to seek development and new horizons. Thus, the question "How to find a job" is relevant for almost every person from graduates who are just starting their career development to people who have extensive work experience and a good career. The truth is that finding a job can be different for everyone depending on their field of work, experience and preferences.

Before you get started with your job search, you need to create a good resume.

Now what actions can you take to find a job? The quickest way is to search on recruitment firms' websites, vacancy platforms, company career pages, job centres, career events and more. 

Search online job search platforms and career development sites

One of the most popular ways is through a job search and placement platform. Most people sign up to several online platforms where they can upload their CV and send it easily through the job advert they are applying for. The advantage of online platforms is that you can search for a job by setting search criteria such as line of work, profession, working hours, skills and even salary. There are many sites where you can find free job listings. However, there you should carefully read what the terms and conditions are and whether there is any guarantee for the posted ads. Regional portals also have job advertisements, but sometimes the job advertisements there are not up to date.

Some of the most used job search platforms are:









Look in recruitment agencies

You can use the websites of recruitment agencies, which are intermediaries between employers and job applicants. On their websites they also post the positions they are looking for people for. These agencies represent the interests of employers and therefore the employer pays the agencies for the recruitment process - adverts, interviews, discussions with candidates. Usually, the job applicant has no contact with the employer itself until he or she has gone through several stages and has been allowed to the final steps when meeting the potential employer.

You can find out more about recruitment agencies in the article "How recruitment agencies work".

Such recruitment agencies are:








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Check with the job centre in your city

Labour offices are directorates which are territorial divisions of the Employment Agency. They are located in the localities of the regions and municipalities. Job centres connect employers and people looking for work. To find a job in this way, you must first register with the relevant directorate of your permanent or current address. In addition to looking for a job at the job centres, you can also sign up for various training courses. Traineeship programmes are also often advertised there.

On this website you can browse the vacancies advertised in the job centres by region and locality:


Search the companies' websites

This is a good way to find a job if you want to work for a specific company. Many organisations post vacancies on their websites, some even have a separate section for jobseekers and those wanting to work for them. Usually these companies have an email left with the HR department where you can send your CV even if there is no position available at the moment, stating that they may contact you in case of a search.

Use references and people you know

Many companies don't post job ads on their websites or platforms and prefer to recruit new candidates through recommendations from their employees or their partners. This option is sometimes used when the company has an urgent need for a person and when someone is recommended, the recruitment time can be shortened. In order to use this way of job searching you need to know the right people and have many professional contacts. Sometimes these can be friends and acquaintances who tell you that their company is looking for someone and would recommend you. When looking for a job through your network of contacts, it is good to have references from former employers who also show your skills and experience to cement your image with the company.

Dig into social media : Linkedin, Facebook

Recently, this way is becoming more and more popular. Social media is now being used by many employers to find the right candidate for the job. The main social network in this field is LinkedIn. This network is used to connect with companies and various professionals in a particular field. Companies use LinkedIn profiles and sometimes send a direct message inviting for an interview to professionals with experience.
Facebook is another popular network where companies post when they are looking for people for a job. If you are looking for a job this way, you can like the pages of the companies you would like to work for to keep track of their job postings.
When using social media to find your new job, it's important to make your profile look professional. This means using appropriate photos, deleting inappropriate ones that look unprofessional, updating information, adding training, certifications, and anything that can give you an edge in recruiting.

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Participate in career events 

Career events are popular and job seekers should not ignore them. There, employers provide opportunities for different types of activities: from conversation and getting to know each other to quickly selecting the right candidates and gathering information from both sides. Participation in the career event is free for job applicants, but pre-registration is usually required.

University Career Days 

Each university maintains a page with job postings, internship and job listings. You should do your research and see if there is something suitable for you on their websites. A lot of companies recruit from students, but sometimes the adverts also have offers are higher and even management positions.

The job market is very dynamic and if you want to find a suitable job, it is a good idea to use more than one way to search. Trends are constantly changing and new techniques are emerging, so you need to be informed and try different approaches. Be persistent and adaptable to be successful in finding a job.

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