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The online course that will be your compass in the Аgile world

Agile Manifesto, Agile manifesto or Agile Methodologies Manifesto, it doesn't matter what you call it, what matters is how you apply it in your practice.

What is Agile? Is it just an agile methodology for software development or is it something more? How did 17 engineers trying to change the status quo for the software industry change the way the world views their workflow organization even twenty years later?

It's simple, they created the Agile Methodologies Manifesto or also known as the Agile Manifesto. With its "professed" values and principles, Agile has become the benchmark for how the most successful and effective teams work. With its agility, not only in its name, but also in the way it can be applied in any domain, more and more traditional organizations are transforming the way they work against the Manifesto.

Immerse yourself in the world of Agile Methodologies with the Agile eLearning Manifesto and find out why all these companies prefer it over other methodologies.

Agile isn't just a work ethic, it's a mindset - broadly applicable values and principles (agile principles) are what's attracting more and more adherents, even twenty years later.

Course objectives

The Agile E-Learning Manifesto aims to present the methodology in a clear and understandable way that meets the needs of anyone entering or advanced in the subject.

It aims to support a new member's entry into the Agile team by presenting the knowledge and skills required, along with the values and principles of the methodology. For those already familiar, it presents a new perspective on the underlying models of Agile processes.

It also aims to help build an Agile mindset to support subsequent work with the methodology.

With its final self-assessment test of the Agile culture in the organization, it facilitates a deeper analysis of the work environment and offers guidance towards the improvement and development of a more effective and agile team.


Module 1. Fundamentals of the Manifesto of Flexible Methodologies - Agile

  • What lies at the heart of the Agile Manifesto and where it all began - a brief history of the creation of the widely applicable methodology. 

Module 2. The Four Values of Agile

The underlying values that give meaning to the methodology and become the guiding light for anyone applying it: 

  • Focus on individual abilities and relationships rather than processes and tools;
  • Focus on solutions that work, not documentation;
  • Collaboration with the customer, is more important than contract negotiations with the customer;
  • Process should react to change, not follow a plan. 

Module 3. The Twelve Principles of Agile

  • Ajail's universality can also be a double-edged sword, as its values can be interpreted in multiple ways. Therefore, the Manifesto describes 12 principles to guide anyone applying the methodology.

Module 4. How to start applying Agile in your work

  • We look at ways and areas where you can apply the principles presented in the Manifesto - in meetings, managing your processes, your customers and your people, and much more.

Module 5. Advanced Agile

  • What are design sprints and what is their application when working in remote teams?

Module 6. Self-assessment

  • We wrap up the e-learning with a quiz to assess your organization's "Agile" culture and personalized feedback against the results - areas to focus on more to ensure higher performance.


Who is the training suitable for?

The Agile Methodology implies flexibility in the application of its values and principles, which means that companies in every field can benefit from applying it to their work processes.

Whether you are going to start working in an Agile team and want to prepare yourself beforehand or you are a team leader and want to improve - the Agile e-learning Manifesto will answer all your questions.

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