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Employee training and learning management systems

How HR departments improve the process of employee training?

Continuous employee training is a key point for the success of any business, and implementation of state-of-the-art technology is a must.

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One of the most current global trends in the process of training and development of human resources is the usage of learning management systems. They can make your corporate training more interesting and useful for learners, thus increasing their productivity. Corporate trainings not only improve the technical and professional skills of employees, but also enhance their motivation and connect them with the company's mission and vision.

To be effective, staff training should be a team activity that includes exciting and interesting ways to gain new knowledge and skills.

What goals to include in your employee training program?

Training and development of personnel should not interrupt the dynamic business life. Employees must be able to learn new things when they want, where they want.

• Corporate trainings should include modern technologies that make the learning material easily accessible.

• Your employees should be able to train individually, as well as in groups. This will build a good relationship between them and will enhance the feeling that their efforts are directed towards achieving a common goal.

• If your employees must read long and boring texts, the results won’t be good. Interactive training methods are far more productive.

• If your training is interactive, learners will focus their attention on the learning material and results will be much better.

• If learners do not see value in your corporate training, then they will not invest enough time and attention. The content must be targeted and relevant to their interests and everyday tasks.

• The cost of the training should be adequate to its value for employees and the expected results.

Why HR departments should use a LMS system?

HR teams around the world have been using LMS systems for years.

According to statistics 25% of employees leave their jobs due to the fact that their employer doesn’t provide them enough opportunities for learning and development.

• Learning management systems increase employee productivity with 50%.

• Companies with geographically dispersed teams will be able to train their staff much easier and with less effort, because the physical presence of all learners in one place is not required.

• Large companies often work with external experts (contractors), which should also be familiar with company policies.

• Content in learning management systems is easily uploaded and updated. Content creation is a one-time process and learning materials can be send to learners with just a few clicks of the mouse.

• Users are registered with a username and a password, and admins can set individual access rights and role to each user.

• Online trainings are less expensive in comparison to standard training methods, because you can save money from transport, renting rooms, etc.

• LMS systems have a functionality that allows training sessions to be measured quickly and easily, because the process is automated.

• Online trainings are interactive and allow usage of gamification.

• Trainings may be lead in an online environment or “live” with the help of a virtual classroom.

• Learning management systems allow usage of any kind of content – text, video, audio, multimedia.

• Evaluation and progress monitoring are easier than ever. The results are measured automatically by the system – imagine how much time and effort you'll save!

• LMS systems can be used from any kind of device (desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet).

• People who pass your training, receive a quick and personalized feedback for their progress and performance.

Our offer

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