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Applications for free video creation

How to use mobile devices for video

See which powerful mobile apps allow you or your kids to make and edit videos, to make professional-quality movies, using iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) or Android tablets.

Approximate reading time: 2m 25s

Every year we watch the awards of fantastic movies at Hollywood shows, awarded for the richness of stories and masterful acting performances. In fact, anyone can become a producer and make a video, thanks to some powerful mobile apps. With these video tools, you or your children can make videos and edit your work to make professional-quality videos using iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) or Android tablets.

The best thing about this easy-to-use technology is that students can practice important language skills by creating art, writing a story, planning an interesting story, and including entertaining details as they prepare to make a video. These mobile applications or free software for making videos can help teachers work with children in the classroom. It gives students the opportunity to express themselves in storytelling while completing tasks set at school.

Your students can create videos using this video application. iMotion HD allows people to make a movie by combining still photos. They can set this mobile app to take pictures at time intervals to show elapsed time (such as the development of a plant or the sunset) or to create a stop-motion film (using action figures or puppets). With the full version of the app, users can add music and access additional export features and upload their video directly to YouTube.

PicPlayPost is a video editing tool that allows users to combine videos and still images in a frame. With one touch on the screen, videos will be played back simultaneously or sequentially, and still images will be retained in the frame. This is a great tool for displaying a combination of photos as an alternative to a traditional slideshow. The video maker can change the frame style and add music from their iTunes library as music in the background.

Magisto allows users to capture video from the app, edit videos stored on their device and create a movie with these frames. After selecting the still images and videos to include, the theme and music are selected. Then, the application brings everything together. To save movies to an album, users will need to create their own account.

IMOVIE (IOS: $ 4.99)
With iMovie, students can edit video they've made with their iPhone or iPad. This powerful application allows video makers to create a Hollywood-style video using built-in themes and templates. iMovie allows them to add titles, effects, and music using various movie techniques such as slow-motion and still photos. Whether your students use all the features to achieve professional quality in iMovie or just give it a try, they will create a fantastic end product.

Users can edit videos saved on their device with Andromedia Video Editor. This app allows them to create videos, cut videos, and even apply the Ken Burns shooting technique to still images and videos. Users can add effects to each clip, edit audio and record voice using the device's microphone. Once the video is ready, students can share it on multiple platforms.

Have you tried using mobile devices to make videos and movies? Can you imagine using these tools in the classroom?

And how would these e-learning apps help us? We believe that you will immediately realize that the above applications will be useful for creating short films for use in occupational safety training, for the use of new software or the commissioning of a new technology or machine.

The accessibility and simplicity with which videos can be created will help the HR team create onboarding and other trainings that will facilitate the introduction to the atmosphere, rules and nature of work of each newcomer.

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