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Gamification in corporate training

How to increase the quality of your training with gamification?

Today we will look at the topic of how Western companies use gamification methods to improve the quality of their in-house training.

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Any business owner will agree that a well-trained workforce is a key element of an organisation's success. The knowledge, skills and capabilities of employees can mark its prosperity or downfall.

U.S. corporations, for example, spend more than $160 billion each year training their employees. That is a considerable sum, even for a market of this size. At this point, we imagine that most of you are asking yourselves, how justified is the investment? How good is the end result? 

To answer these questions, we will need to look at the type of training used. Although traditional in-house training systems have modernised a lot in the last few years, most of them still use outdated techniques. 

Gamification - a modern educational technique for modern employees

Gamification has gradually gained popularity among forward-thinking organizations. The specialized skills and technical knowledge of modern employees match perfectly with gamification principles. Young people have spent a lot of time playing various games and realize the benefit of using them for more serious purposes.

Technology companies such as Microsoft, SAP and Google have been using gamification in their training programs for many years. And they have found that thanks to the gamification technique, their employees show an increased interest in the subject matter and learn the material much faster.

The gamification method can make training much more engaging and fun. Similar to video games, learners have to perfect certain skills and techniques in order to advance to the next level.

Additionally, according to trainers using gamification in their courses, people respond much better if their actions and decisions receive quick feedback. This also automatically increases the chance that the information will be remembered better and more easily.

The positive psychology of gamification

According to studies, people who learn through gamification develop motivation to perform better. This is due to the fact that competition and the desire to perform better during a game, deliver a jolt of dopamine to the brain. The substance makes us feel good and want to keep going.

The gamification technique achieves the same effect. It creates engagement with the material being taught, motivates us to do the task to the best of our ability, rewards us in a positive feeling, and ultimately turns the learning process into an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion

Gamification engages the senses, challenges the mind, and makes us experience a sense of satisfaction when we complete a task. People should take advantage of this opportunity. By improving their professional skills, they guarantee their career a bright future.

Source: http://elearningindustry.com/corporations-going-game-based .

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