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7 free handwritten fonts for e-learning

Add uniqueness to e-learning

Sometimes when we create e-learning (eLearning) we want to highlight important information, but we don't know how.

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The use of handwritten fonts is a very good solution when faced with such a problem. When we use a handwritten font, we can easily accentuate important information while bringing an element of rigour and formality to what we write. Moreover, it makes the writing more personal and engages the reader more.

Handwritten fonts are unique and can add and express different emotions to your eLearning (e-learning, eLearning). They contribute to better readability and give the impression that something is happening.

There is a huge variety of handwritten fonts available on the web, most of them paid. Buying them can be expensive if you don't have a big budget. For example, if you want to get Skippy Sharp you have to pay $30. Some websites offer much more affordable prices, such as KimberlyGeswein, from which you can purchase a handwritten font for only $5.
Of course, there are free fonts as well. Characteristically, they lack variety and look pretty much the same, but if you're persistent enough, you can and will find what you need. We recommend you take a good look at the terms of use before buying a font, as some have restrictions. You may find that the font you choose can only be used for personal, but not commercial use - i.e. you won't be able to apply it to the creation of e-learning (eLearning) that you intend to offer commercially. In that case, handwritten fonts won't be of much use to you.

A good solution is Google Web Fonts. They offer 174 free fonts, some of which are handwritten. To help you save time, we offer seven nice handwritten fonts, each of which has a unique character and are completely free for commercial use.

Shadows Into Light Two
Patrick Hand
Amatic SC
Rock Salt
Permanent Marker