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How does online training help the environment? - Part III

Green policies and the public image of companies

Recently, more and more companies that want to be socially responsible and environmentally conscious are turning to so-called "green policies" aimed at minimizing harmful environmental impacts.

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If you own a company, you probably want it to be socially responsible and respected by the community. Introducing online training into your company's system and highlighting the environmental benefits of doing so is a sure step in that direction. Some governments even incentivise companies' environmental policies, either financially or by issuing eco-certificates.

Distance learning significantly eliminates negative effects on the environment by reducing paper and electricity consumption and reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. But e-learning has other benefits that can make it an important part of your company's "green policy."

If your company is growing and expanding, then so is the number of employees for whom training needs to be organised. This leads to an increase in the size and/or number of training rooms. Through e-learning, your company can "expand" virtually. With e-learning, there is no need to physically expand and renovate classrooms, activities that consume wood or other types of material that can be hazardous to the environment. In addition, when conducting training in halls, trainees need a variety of supplies and office equipment (computers, pens, markers, folders, coffee cups, napkins, plastic forks, etc.). In distance learning, the need for such resources is eliminated.

Conducting an eco-friendly company policy through the use of e-learning will not only benefit your company's reputation and your brand, but may also prove important to your employees. You are likely to gain their sympathy if you ask them to attend your training in a virtual environment instead of a classroom. A study by the world-renowned human resources agency Adecco (USA) shows that around a third of employees are more likely to work for a company that has an environmental policy. Having such a policy attracts people, reinforces the brand and builds trusting relationships with customers.

This concludes our series of articles on online learning, its contribution to environmental protection and the implementation of green policies. We hope that we have managed to make you look at e-learning in a new, alternative way and appreciate it, not only for the good results it gives as a form of training, but also for being environmentally friendly.

If you are already using online training, you are not just being modern and practical, you are also thinking about the environment. If you haven't yet joined the eLearning community - maybe it's time you did?

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