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How long should an online training be?

5 factors that influence the length of online trainings

When starting to create new online training, people often ask themselves what length it should be.

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Today we will try to answer this question by giving you some basic requirements of online training.

Online trainings must present information "piece by piece"

For your online training to be successful, its modules must be concise, clear and easy to update. This will facilitate not only their current use, but also future use, as they will thus be easily applied to other training solutions.

Online training should be appropriately timed

When creating online training, think about how you are going to time the modules. It is imperative that the first lesson introduces the basic concept, and that subsequent lessons require various activities, constant review and application of the knowledge already acquired.

Online trainings should be targeted to the people who will take part in them

Two of the biggest advantages of online training are its asynchronicity and the ability to learn at an individual speed. Keep these things in mind as you work on your course.

In online training, the number of slides is not important

When it comes to online trainings, the number of slides is not important as the learners are concentrating on the screen and not on the slides. And the screen displays a variety of content - text, multimedia - that changes as the course progresses.

Online trainings should fulfill specific learning objectives

When creating an online training, instead of focusing on its length, you should pay more attention to how it can fulfill the learners' expected outcomes. Determine what your educational objectives will be from the start and focus your efforts on achieving them.


You know that participants in a training venture start the endeavor with different backgrounds and expertise. This problem is minimized with online training. They are flexible and allow easy targeting to the needs and progress of each individual trainee.

Source: http://bit.ly/1HeT8Gf . 

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