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Online Learning Techniques in the Activity of Company

Online learning as apart the company policy for staff qualification.

If you have already read any of our previous articles for online learning (e-learning), for example Training Companies or Business Trainings, you probably have understood the main idea behind it and how it can be applied in the activity of your company.

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Aim, Strategy, Implementation

Online learning uses modern information technologies that enhance the effectiveness of the learning process. However, in order to receive best results, a suitable strategy has to be developed. It has to contain the main reasons, aims and tasks why the usage of e-learning is necessary for the activity of the specific company. Here, the leading role is being played by the top managers, who, except the above mentioned, have to find the decisions of other problems, such as those connected with the financing and the restructuring of the learning process.

Main Components of Online Learning

Online learning can be used for the realization of short-term and long-term tasks. But in both cases, you have to predefine its main components.

Firstly, you have to choose the learning management system you are going to use. There are different products on the market and all of them have different characteristics and could be useful in different situations. Therefore, it is important for you to learn their details and choose the one that is most suitable for your purposes.

Courses are key components in the process of online learning creation. They are in e-format and may contain interactive elements. Hence, your second main task is the choice or creation of suitable learning materials.

The third place is for your employees. You may define different positions, such as those listed below:

• Project manager
• Training manager
• IT specialist/s
• Methodist – a person, who is familiar with the pedagogical models used in distance learning
• Administrator of the learning management system

Of course, this responsibilities’ division is only an example and it may be changed, according to the size of your company. You may choose to combine or divide the positions, so they meet your needs and capabilities.

However, there is one mandatory requirement and this is the competence of the employees. All of them have to fully understand what is the thing called online learning and what are its main purposes. In that way, you will prevent many negative consequences – for example, an inadequacy between expectations and results, unnecessary costs and slow decision making.


The price of an online learning may vary between large ranges as leading factors are the predefined aims and the planning process.


The process of an online learning implementation may take several weeks or several months, according to the size of the project, the organizational level, the time used for creation of the initial project and the time spent for testing.

How to succeed?

An important factor for the success of the online learning is the employees’ motivation. You must inform them about the conception of online learning, its objectives and advantages – individual and corporate.


If the project, for which you have created the online learning, requires final reports, you may evaluate its effectiveness using (some of) of the following parameters:

• level of objectives’ realization;
• comparison with the results of traditional trainings;
• comparison with the results when no trainings were conducted;
• occurrence of new opportunities.

How to Choose a Company that can Help us during the Creation of Online Courses?

When you choose a company, which have to help you with the creation of your e-learning, you should consider that it does not have to make the following offers:

• Courses that are not suitable for your company’s needs.
• Software for online course development – in case, you are not going to create learning content.
• Unnecessary modules.
• The most expensive technologies.

In conclusion, we will list some main tips, which will guarantee e-learning success:

1. Start the process with careful and detailed planning.
2. Use the other people's experience and the best practices.
3. Apply the online learning stage by stage.
4. Create courses in accordance with the target audience.

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