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How to choose LMS?

11 tips to help you make the right decision

You can find many learning management systems (LMS) on the market, but how do you choose the one that best suits your needs?

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To get your venture going in the right direction, this article will give you some tips to help you make the most effective decision for you.

1. Determine in advance the goals you want your online training to achieve.

Before you start researching individual learning management systems, you need to determine the goals you want your online training to achieve. This will allow you to choose a platform that best meets the needs of your company and, most importantly, the needs of your learners. 

2. When choosing an LMS, consider the skills of the team members who will be responsible for delivering the courses.

Knowing the skills and knowledge of the team members who will be responsible for delivering the online courses in your organization will help you choose a system that has the functionality and controls you need. 

3. Evaluate your current training strategy.

Carefully review your current training strategy and identify what needs to be improved and what is working effectively. This will help you choose a learning management system where you can use the training materials you've already developed while reworking those that aren't performing as well. 

4. Ask for feedback from your training team.

Ask your instructors and trainers for their opinions on your current training strategy. What features would they like to see in your new LMS? Can they think of tools or materials that they think would make their job easier? 

5. Identify technical considerations and limitations you may encounter while working with the system.

When choosing a system, you need to understand how it will integrate with the technologies you already use. In addition, you need to consider the question of how your learners will access the training content? Will they use mobile devices? If yes, you need to find a learning platform that is compatible with them. 

6. Does the system have features they will actually use?

The wide selection of different software makes determining the must-have functionalities a difficult task. But for your investment to be justified, it must be implemented in advance. 

7. Investigate the experience of the company from which you plan to purchase the system.

Ask company representatives about their experience with learning management systems - skills, qualifications, etc. In addition, you can search the internet for opinions on their previous projects. 

8. Ensure you get support.

Ask the company you are considering buying the system from if they offer support? If - yes, for what period of time, at what price, etc.? 

9. Choose a flexible and easy to maintain product.

The LMS you choose may meet all your technical requirements, but think about your training strategy in the long term. Is it easy to update? Will it be adaptable to your company's future requirements, etc.? 

10. Ask for a demonstration.

Don't be shy about asking for a demonstration of the product's features. This will allow you to determine if its features and functions meet your training needs. 

11. Be sure to ask for an educational progress tracking option.

The design and features of the system are important, but without options to track progress, you cannot determine if your online course needs to be adjusted anywhere, and this will certainly impair its completeness.

If you remember these few basic tips while choosing a learning management system, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. A little research and evaluation can enable you to choose the best platform - one that will return your investment many times over. 


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