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Human resource development - the key to success

Why should you invest in human resource development?

Human resource development is the part of human resource management that deals with the training and development of employees in an organization.

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Human resource development includes training the employee after employment, providing opportunities to acquire new knowledge, allocating resources needed to handle daily job duties, and all other activities related to staff development. 

Introduction to HRD

HRD is important for any organisation that wants to be dynamic and grow. Unlike all other resources, human resources have almost unlimited possibilities. This potential can only be tapped if a climate is created that identifies and supports people's capabilities.

Human resource development includes activities such as training, career development, performance management, coaching, mentoring, success planning, organizational development, and identifying key employees.
The ultimate goal of a human resource development program is to create the best and most productive workforce so that the organization and its employees can achieve their work goals in service to the customer.

The HRD team is responsible for:

  • Acquiring or developing the skills needed for employees to perform their job duties in view of their current and future roles.
  • Developing employees' individual qualities. Discovering and using their inner potential and meeting their goals and those of the organisation.
  • Creating an organizational culture where relationships between managers and employees are good, people work well in teams, are motivated and take pride in what they do.

What is the difference between human resource management and human resource development?

  • Human resource management is concerned with the 'maintenance' of staff, whereas human resource development is concerned with their improvement.
  • The organizational structure in the case of human resource management is independent, while human resource development creates a structure that is dependent and linked to other structures in the organization.
  • Human resource management mainly aims at improving the efficiency of the employees, while human resource development also aims at developing the organization.
  • The responsibility for staff development in human resource management lies with the team concerned and, in particular, with the head of that team, while the responsibility in human resource development is distributed among all managers at different levels in the organisation.
  • Human resource management motivates employees by giving them material rewards, while human resource development emphasizes employee motivation in order to meet higher needs.

The need for an HRD team

The existence of a human resource development program is necessary for any organization that wants to be dynamic, grow and be sustainable. Organizations can only be agile and grow through the efforts and competencies of their people.

Personnel policies can keep employee morale and motivation high, but these efforts will not be enough to make the organization dynamic and lead it in new directions of development. Employees constantly need to acquire new knowledge, skills and these new knowledge and skills need to be used. For this, the right culture must exist in the organisation. When employees are proactive, take risks, experiment, are innovative and want things to work out, then you can say that the culture in your organization is at the right level.

Functions of the HR team

The HRD team needs to develop:

  • The capabilities of each employee as an individual.
  • The capabilities of each individual with respect to his/her current job responsibilities.
  • The capabilities of each employee in view of their future roles.
  • The relationship between each employee and their manager.
  • The team spirit and functioning of each organisational unit (department, group, etc.).
  • The interdependence between the different organisational units.
  • The health and self-renewal capabilities of the organization.

Advantages of human resource development

Establishing a human resource development program is the key to higher productivity, better relationships and greater profits.

  • Human resource development makes people more competent.
  • People become more committed to their work.
  • It helps create a culture of trust and mutual respect.
  • Helps acceptance of change.
  • Improves overall employee performance and development.
  • Increases organizational effectiveness.
  • Increases employee participation in organizational development.

Source: http://www.whatishumanresource.com/human-resource-development.

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