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Human resource management - definition and related activities

Duties of human resource management professionals

What is human resource management?

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Human resource management is a modern and collective term that describes the management and development of employees in an organization. In addition, it also includes all activities related to the management of human capital in the organization. 

The process of human resource management focuses on several main activities:

  • Finding and hiring new employees.
  • Compensation and bonuses.
  • Staff training.
  • Labor and employee relations.
  • Organizational development.

Because of the large number of activities involved in the HRM process, it is typical for HRM professionals to have experience in one or more areas. Here are a few of the related job titles:

  • Staff Training and Development Specialist.
  • HR Manager.
  • HR generalist.
  • Recruitment specialist.

A more in-depth look at the HR management process

In most companies, the human resources department is responsible for:

  • Recruitment.
  • Developing and overseeing bonus and wellness programs.
  • Developing, promoting and encouraging personnel policies.
  • Promoting the career development of employees, and their training.
  • Providing orientation programs for new employees.
  • Primary contact for workplace incidents.

Human resource management includes:

  • Addressing current employee concerns - bonuses, salaries, retirement plans, training, etc..
  • Finding New Employees - The HR team finds potential employees, oversees the hiring process, etc..
  • Managing the employee termination process - In cases where an employee leaves or is terminated.
  • Improving motivation in the organization - Effective HR teams should encourage employees to give their best to contribute to the company.
  • Strategic approaches to managing staff and creating the right work environment.
  • Establish and manage programs, policies and procedures to support employees and their development.
  • Adding value to strategic employee utilization and ensuring that employee development programs impact the business in a positive and measurable way.

The HR team should focus its efforts on 5 key activities:

  • Defining and aligning the company's purpose. Company employees need to know why the company exists and how their efforts support the realization of the company's purpose.
  • Hiring the best people by creating, marketing and selling an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Misconceptions about an organization are the root cause of organization-employee relationship failure. Therefore, companies must create, market and sell an EVP that is truthful and that does not mislead potential employees.
  • Focus on employee strengths. Companies should make an effort and understand employees in the best possible way to put them in the right positions. This way, they will be able to give their best.
  • Achieve and measure the set company goals, and make the employees aware of the current status of the company.

Source: https://www.humanresourcesedu.org/what-is-human-resources/.

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