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ICTs in education

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ICT in school?

The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) has an impact in all areas of our lives.

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Education is no exception. The use of computers and the Internet to improve the quality and relevance of the learning process is an ideal for many educational institutions.

Students are the citizens of tomorrow, and tomorrow is filled with technology of all kinds. To be prepared for life after school, they need to know how to use them. The way to achieve this is through the application of information and communication technologies in education.

It is no secret that children feel more motivated and engaged in the learning process when practical concepts and skills are added to it. With the help of modern educational technologies, they learn and remember the learning material better, develop practical and presentation skills.

Among the most common ICT technologies in education are: computers, tablets, apps, projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras.

How do you choose the right technology for you?

Take a look at their advantages and disadvantages and decide. 


  • By applying ICT in schools, memorising learning material will be much easier and faster. The useful effect of using images and videos during teaching is proven.
  • With the help of ICT, you can explain complex parts of learning material to your students much more easily and make sure they understand it.
  • Your lessons will become more interactive and enjoyable. This, in turn, will encourage students to participate more and be more focused.


  • Finding and setting up the necessary devices can be a difficult task.
  • ICT is quite expensive and many schools would struggle to afford it.
  • Some of the teachers have low computer literacy and would find it difficult to learn to use the new technologies in a meaningful way.

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