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How to choose images for your eLearning?

Useful tips for finding the best images for your next eLearning course

Sometimes a simple picture can attract more attention than a page of words.

Approximate reading time: 55 sec

This article is dedicated to the usage of images in online learning. Images make content more attractive and boost the information retention.

In the following lines we will show you some of the basic rules for selecting an image for your online training.

Good images need to combine two important qualities: to be aesthetically decorated and informing. To find out if an image is appropriate for your text, you must determine what is the purpose of the text.

The next step is to find the right image. The easiest way is to start with is one of the many websites that offer free access to a variety of graphics and photos, arranged in categories. 

Google Images is another option, but if you want better quality, we encourage you to use one of the stock-photo websites.

Take your time in choosing the right image. If there is nothing on the Internet that describes your idea, you can always use a photo editing program such as Photoshop. But regardless of which option you select, you must respect the copyright.

In most cases, you will need to style the image, cut out parts of it, change the colors, etc. Cutting a photo will help you direct the reader's attention. Changing colors and contrast can make the photo more emotional. To attract the reader's interest, you can change the shape of the photo and make it non-standard. These and many other tricks can be used to enhance the effect of the image. 

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