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Interactive whiteboard games

5 websites with games suitable for an interactive whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a huge touchscreen that allows teachers to present their lessons from a laptop/computer.

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For example, history lessons can be enriched with images from different eras and maths lessons with fun logic games.

Children welcome a break from traditional learning tools. Using electronic whiteboards, you can easily make them participate more and feel more engaged with what is happening in the classroom.
On the internet, you can find many websites that offer free educational games specifically designed for interactive whiteboard work. Let's take a look at some of them.


In this website you can find games suitable for primary and secondary school students. One of them puts the student in the role of a commander and tasks him with making important political decisions, while another helps teachers explain the basics of poetry to their students.

PBS Kids

Here you can find interactive and mind stimulating games suitable for elementary school children. Among the offerings, you can find ones that get kids to pronounce words, learn synonyms, group words, connect pictures to words, rhyme, count, and more.


Another resource where you can find interactive whiteboard games is Mathsframe. On this website, you can find math games suitable for younger students as well as older ones. One of the biggest benefits of the games on this website is that they allow students to visualize complex math problems in a way that helps them understand the material better.


And to wrap things up, here's a very nice interactive board game from National Geographic. It allows teachers to navigate all parts of the world with a simple touch of the touch screen. With MapMaker, students not only learn interesting things about the geography of the world, but they also learn about different cultures. Help your students explore the world from the classroom!

Source: http://www.weareteachers.com/blogs/post/2012/11/27/great-learning-games-for-the-interactive-whiteboard.

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