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How to create interesting online courses?

Tips for including case studies in your online courses

In both traditional and online learning, content is a key element.

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Apart from being educational, it should be interesting and memorable. This is especially difficult to achieve in larger training materials or in situations where we do not have enough time and opportunities to create extensive courses.

How to create interesting online courses with the help of practical examples? 

Very appropriate in these cases is the use of practical examples (case studies).

They must, of course, be relevant. If you still really want to say something, but it is a little off topic, you can resort to a few tricks to grab the attention of readers. To do this, use the tools of gamification, or add interactive and multi-layered scenarios to your online training. However, always keep in mind that out-of-place content may seem pointless to any of the students and may have a negative impact on the further perception of the information.

Courses rich in practical examples have many advantages, such as: shorter creation time, originality and experience proven by experience.

Here are some basic guidelines on how you can use case studies in your courses.

1. Find the connection of your online course with what is happening in everyday life - so your example will be much more interesting and useful for learners.

2. Tell your example as a story - grab the attention of your students from the beginning and keep it until the end of the training. 

3. Tell your story from the point of view of a third person - this way you will show the existence of different opinions and how the knowledge/ignorance of a certain information affects the actions and decisions of people.

4. Don't go into too much detail - you certainly don't want to bore your students, and larger courses require more effort to create.

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