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Less paper work and better recruitment process?

How can learning management systems support the recruitment process?

Except for employee training, learning management systems can be successfully used for recruitment.

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We agree that this sounds odd and unusual, but it's true. To find out how HR departments can use this kind of software for employee recruitment, we’ve made a list with their main functionalities.

LMS features for recruitment

• LMS systems are online applications. This means that you, your colleagues and job applicants can access them anytime, from any place and using any kind of device (desktop and mobile).

• With learning management systems, you can manage the whole recruitment process – from receiving the resumes to the hiring of the new candidate.

• You can inform job applicants about the date, time and place of their interview.

• You can send different tasks and questions to each of the candidates (or group of candidates).

• LMS systems allow you to set individual rights and roles for every user.

• You can use the system to create different types of tests. The evaluation process is automatic with a tracking and reporting options.

• You can integrate a software for webinars, so you can schedule and conduct live interviews.

• Other features: search, chat, forum, internal email system.


• LMS systems are suitable for the recruitment process in both small and large organizations.

• They can facilitate and automate the work of the whole HR department.

• They promote teamwork.

• They are easy to use and manage.

• They have flexible settings.

• LMS systems do not require high investment.

Our offer

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. can help you improve the recruitment process in your organization. We offer LMS integration, LMS customization, as well custom eLearning solutions – design and development of custom eLearning courses, instructional design, microlearning, etc.

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