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How to manage stress and make it your faithful ally?

Start thinking positively and overcome stress

Tips for dealing with stress in the workplace. Don't let stress control your actions, as this hinders your effectiveness as a leader.

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Another working day. How do you feel at this moment? Tense from the upcoming business meetings? Worried about whether you will succeed in your role as a leader? You are furious that the tasks you have assigned have not been completed on time, and that you may not be able to take a breath? In case you answered "Yes", go to a mirror and take a good look at your reflection. Did you see him? Yes, exactly what is firmly attached to you and does not want to let you go. His name is Stress. Don't be afraid, … as long as you approach it in the right way, it will not be a problem.

"Stress, in addition to being itself, is also the cause of itself and the result of itself."

You see, its nature is a little strange. On one hand, it is a powerful tool that will give you the strengthspeed and flexibility to overcome any difficulties. Very often people look for it on their own, embarking on extreme sports and taking on strenuous tasks at work. But stress has another, dangerous side. One that you have to be extremely careful with, because it concerns your health. You may ask yourself - is stress a good thing or a bad thing after all? Both.

Let's give a little clarity about its origin. The term "stress" was coined by Hans Cellier in 1936, who defined it as "a non-specific response of the body to any requirement placed on it." Interestingly, before reaching his conclusion, Hans believed that stress meant death, and later defined it as life. The reason for this paradox is that it all comes down to how we choose to perceive it, what is our attitude towards it. The idea that stress is a problem makes it so. In other words, you can't overcome it if you let negative emotions take over your mind. Notice that the more relaxed, filled with despondency you are, the more likely you are to get sick.

It's no secret that stress is at the root of every illness. The heart becomes ill when the blood vessels stop functioning properly, and this happens when there is insurmountable stress in our subconscious. It turns out that today's medicine fights the body's defense mechanisms. When stress speaks for you, you are not working in the best way. When stress drives your actions, you are less effective and observant leaders. Leadership is not an easy task and sometimes you lose control. Wondering how to take matters into your own hands? First of all - breathe!

We know that every day you face all kinds of challenges, the need to make important decisions, forced to adapt to different situations and they all force you out of your comfort zone. Leave behind the fear of failure, stop doubting your abilities, do not blame yourself. Let us give you some good tips for managing stress and turning it from an enemy into your faithful ally:

  • The key to controlling stress is identifying it. Look for the source of your worries;
  • Determine in which cases your stress fails and in which it is beneficial for you;
  • By no means focus on stress. Keep your mind engaged in pleasant and useful things for you;
  • Avoid transferring stress to your team, but instead turn it into a driving force;
  • Stress can direct you to areas that need your attention and improvement. If you look at it as an auxiliary tool, it will increase the effectiveness of your leadership.

Lack of time is also a common problem for people holding different positions, regardless of their level of professional development. You have planned tasks, and at the end of the day you never managed to complete them. You often have to work overtime, and this leads to unwanted stress. Of course, we can't promise you that there will always be enough time.

It is important to have a clear awareness of what makes you happy, which part of your work brings you the most satisfaction. It is in your hands to create and develop the conditions in which you feel most comfortable. You don't need medication to deal with stress. It's all in your way of thinking.

Start thinking positively now!

One of the hottest topics today is the topic of stress, which accumulates from stress in the workplace and other factors of the environment in which we live.

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