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May ILIAS do that? YES

Which are the Main Functionalities of the Learning Management System ILIAS?

One of the most reliable learning management system is ILIAS. The platform is suitable for creation of online training, online courses, tests, surveys, etc.

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May I use ILIAS in the conduction of individual learnings?

May I use ILIAS in the conduction of group learnings?

May I use ILIAS in the conduction of blended learnings?

May I use ILIAS as a digital library?

May I create learning paths?

May I use ILIAS as a support of the university activity?

May I use ILIAS as a support of the activity of my training company?

May I use ILIAS during internal corporate trainings?

May I create and conduct courses?

May I use courses, created with Articulate Storyline and Articulate Presenter?

May I sell my courses through Paypal?

May I create and use different kinds of modules, tests, exercises?

May I create an interactive learning content and upload different kinds of files, such as presentations and documents?

May I add text, video and audio files from external sources?

May I structure the added content?

May I conduct online exams?

May I use assessment tools?

May I add content that is compatible with the SCORM standard?

May I use tools, supporting my joint work with the other user, such as forum, chat, wikis?

May I use internal and external RSS channels?

May I track the users’ competences and learning progress?

May I issue customized certificates?

May I use a calendar function in order to create schedules and track the history of the activities?

May I create and use dictionaries?

May I create users’ groups?

May I use polls and surveys?

May I create a portfolio and a blog?

May I leave notes, comments, bookmarks or tags?

May I create lists with personal contacts?

May I manage and organize the items I have created?

May I subscribe to different items?

May I administrate my personal settings, calendar, messages, and content?

May I import and export content and reports?

May I send customized e-mails?

May I send customized system e-mails?

May I allocate users and courses?

May I use a virtual class room?

May I use my own logo and domain?

May I customize the user accounts and roles?

May I rely on the online help of the other users of the system?

May I use a mobile version?

May I rely on the security of the system and define the access rights?

May I use an API in order to integrate ILIAS with external services?

May I rely on the compatibility between ILIAS and Wordpress?

May I rely on the fact that I will receive a customized product?

May I use ILIAS on different languages?

May I request an online demonstration?

May I set ILIAS on my own server?

May I set ILIAS on NIT’s server?

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