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May Moodle do that? YES

Which are the Main Functionalities of the Learning Management System Moodle?

Moodle is one of the most popular global systems for online learning. It is used by many universities and customers, who want to create interactive multimedia and online courses.

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May I use Moodle for the purposes of individual learnings?

May I use Moodle for the purposes of group learnings?

May I use Moodle for distance learnings and blended learnings?

May I create learning paths?

May I use Moodle for the learning purposes of the university I work in?

May I use Moodle for the purposes of my training company?

May I use Moodle for the internal trainings in my company?

May I use Moodle if I do not have experience with other similar systems?

May I easily add content?

May I use options to structure the content I have added?

May I rely on the online help of the other system users?

May I take advantage of an individual configuration?

May I create courses, lessons, tests, files, pages, books, dictionaries?

May I sell my courses through Paypal?

May I branch the users and the courses?

May I create forums, chats, wikis and polls?

May I upload personal files, such as presentations and documents?

May I administrate my own profile, settings, messages and files?

May I create polls?

May I import and export learning content?

May I use functionalities, such as assessment of my students’ works?

May I use options for mutual evaluation (between students)?

May I receive and look through the notifications for the last system events?

May I use a calendar function and a function for creation of schedules?

May I personalize my e-mails?

May I send personalized e-mails for the system events?

May I add content (text, audio, and video) from external resources?

May I add courses, created with Articulate Storyline and Articulate Presenter?

May I rely on the compatibility with the SCORM standard?

May I track the learning progress of the users and issue reports and certificates?

May I use badges?

May I add and use specially created block with settings for parents?

May I teach my lesson in a virtual classroom?

May I create new user roles and give them individual permissions?

May I change my roles, without the need to use different accounts?

May I add fields to the users’ profiles?

May I use Moodle with other external platforms, such as Wordpress?

May I use a personal domain for the system?

May I use my personal logo?

May I use settings that guarantee additional safety of the software?

May I use Moodle from my smartphone?

May I use Moodle on many different languages?

May I see an online demonstration of the system?

May I use hosting/server that I have chosen?

May I use hosting/server, held by NIT?

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