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Millennials in the workplace

How to unleash the potential of millennial employees?

Did you know that almost 50% of the workforce now consists of millennials?

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What does your company do to make these employees effective and keep them working?

Today we will give you some useful tips to show millennials that you hold on to the same values ​​as them.

Diversity in the workplace

• Companies often look for and hire people with similar experience and qualities. However, you need to encourage the managers in your company to hire employees with different education, experience, culture, interests.

• Balance leadership positions with the same number of men and women.


• Instead of assigning tasks and projects to employees who perform best, ask, “ Who would like to start working on …?” Give each employee the opportunity to show interest.

• Organize meetings every month to discuss things that need to be improved, solve problems and communicate the results achieved.

Flexible working hours

• Enable flexible working hours, of course, tailored to business needs. Allow employees to work wherever they want a few days a month.

• Every Friday afternoon can be set aside for creative work in the office, with each employee choosing what to fill his time with.

Training opportunities

Millennials are very interested in learning and developing opportunities. Therefore: take the time to find out what their long-term goals are and invest in them. Give them the opportunity to learn what they are interested in, paying special attention to online courses, as they give the opportunity to learn at any time and from any place. Show millennials that you care about their personal development and that you want them to feel happy at work.

Explain "Why?" Regularly

Millennials are interested in the impact they have on the company. They want to know that their company has a mission and that they contribute to its implementation, as well as that there is a reason behind every task.

Take an interest in the opinion of millennials

You may not be used to asking your employees or team members what they think of a task, project, meeting, or goal, but if you work with millennials, you will need to do so (often). Millennials want to know that their opinion is valued. Therefore: give them opportunities to express it.

Let the millennials try different things

It is important for millennials to find their calling and work with passion. Give them the opportunity to try different things and develop new skills outside of their department or team.

Find a common cause

Millennials have a passion for solving humanitarian, social or environmental problems. They would appreciate an employer who has similar interests to theirs. Consider and find a cause or project that will allow your employees to demonstrate or develop their skills, combining it with a philanthropic goal.

Encourage face-to-face communication

With so much technology around us, it's easy to turn our backs on face-to-face communication. Encourage live meetings and create space to build informal relationships. For example: organize a free lunch for the whole team, but without phones or computers in the room. At first, millennials may disapprove of the idea, but the promotion of human relationships will be appreciated.

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