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A new look at modern education

American writer Wendell Berry comments on modern education

In this article we present a slightly more humorous and even slightly sarcastic view of contemporary education - that of the American writer and literary critic Wendell Berry.

Approximate reading time: 1m 39s

In his collection of essays entitled "Sex, Economics, Freedom and Society", he published the following text:

"In fact, as we know, the new commercial education, is fun for everyone. All you have to do to get, or to secure, such an education is to pay (in advance) and perfect a few simple truths:

Educated people are more valuable than others because education is a value-adding industry.

Educated people are better than others because education refines people and makes them better.

The purpose of education is to make people capable of making more and more money.

The place where you will use your education is called "career".

Something that cannot be weighed, measured or counted does not exist.

The so-called humanities, presumably, do not exist. But even if they exist, they are useless. But whether they exist or not, or whether they are useful or not, they can sometimes beused to further careers.

Literacy does not involve knowing the meaning of words or learning grammar or reading books.

The hallmark of exceptionally smart people is knowing a language that is understandable only to others in their "sphere" or only to themselves. This is quite an impressive skill and is known as "professionalism".

The smartest and most educated people are scientists, as they have already found solutions to all our problems and will soon find solutions to all the problems arising from their solutions to all the problems we have had.

A good teacher can be recognized by the fact that he/she spends most of his/her time researching and writing books and articles.

A good researcher can be recognized by the same characteristics as those of a good teacher.

A good university owns many computers, has entered into many research contracts with various government or corporate entities, its staff is always among the winners, and the number of administrative staff exceeds the number of faculty.

Computers make people better and smarter (...). And if some people turn out to be irredeemably evil or stupid, computers will enhance their qualities.

The main thing is not to let education interfere with treating children well. Children are our future. Spend lots of money after them, but don't leave home with them and interfere. Don't give them assignments; they are smart and can figure out what to do on their own. Don't teach them any of the horrible, unimportant, limiting, outdated morality. Provide them with plenty of TV shows, microwaved dinners, babysitters, computers, computer games, etc. For all that, they will love and respect us and enjoy growing up and paying our debts. 

A good school is a great school.

Disarm the kids before you let them in."

Source: http://www.teachthought.com/learning/new-commercial-education/ .