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NFT, blockchain, tokens and e-courses

Blockchain technology in e-learning

NTF token in online learning? Electronic courses protected by new technologies.

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What is NFT? NFT or Non-fungible token are blockchain-based tokens that prove the ownership and origin of digital elements such as images, video files and even physical assets.

They became famous in 2021 when NFT's artwork for millions of dollars filled the headlines of articles and publications, and Twitter was taken over by NFT avatars such as Bored Ape Yscht Club, CryptoPunks, Pugy Penguins.

Converting digital files to blockchain-based marketable assets does not require programming skills.

How to dig an Non-fungible NFT token? It's easiest to do in Ethereum. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for NFT, and OpenSea is the most popular NFT market.

Ethereum or ETH is the name of the currency of this network. When selling or buying NFT, you will most likely use Ethereum.

Ethereum is registered in almost all cryptocurrencies / it is the second largest cryptocurrency /, so there is no problem to buy from it.

But why buy Ethereum to sell NFT? The NFT market is used to buy and sell NFT, and registering with OpenSea costs Ethereum.

You will have to pay for "initialization", this is a one-time fee for registration in the platform. How much Ethereum will you need? Well, there is no good answer to this question because the price of "gas" (this is the transaction fee) fluctuates significantly, so there is no good answer. Depending on the conditions of the network / how busy it is /, it can be $ 30 to $ 300.

NFT markets such as OpenSea work with crypto wallets. There are many Ethereum wallets. One of the most popular is the Meta Mask. Meta Mask is a browser plug-in and works best with Google Chrome or Brave. Once installed, it allows you to store Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens (including NTF).

You have to create accounts and try.

You are wondering why we are telling you all this, because the use of cryptocurrencies, NTF, wallets, crypto exchanges is inevitable. Even more so in our industry, where the sale and provision of e-learning is related to the rights to use and receive a commission from each sale.

If we want e-learning to be protected and to receive a commission from each sale, selling it through NFT is a good solution and gives good protection to the creators of online learning.

Each e-learning contains unique elements; graphics, videos, music, text. Too often, e-learning authors and creators try to protect them against theft or resale. However, this is a difficult task. Everyone knows how easy it is to rewrite the video, download the photo or the text of the training!

Well, now we believe that the emergence of irreplaceable NTF tokens will improve the situation, because e-courses will be able to be securely protected, and their authors will be able to receive payment for each sale. 

There is another element that should not be missed as an advantage. This is the opportunity for the e-course to be published in various MOOCs and to remain protected in terms of authorship and its uniqueness.

Will this become a practice? We will see. Life will show whether the indispensable NTF tokens will become commonplace for the eLearning industry in the coming years

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