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Online course Assertiveness

What is assertiveness? How to be assertive at work?

Being assertive means being able to assert your rights or the rights of other people in a calm and positive way, without being aggressive or passive.

Assertive people can express their point of view without burdening themselves or anyone else with negative emotions.

Assertive people always respect their own and others' thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Assertiveness is an important quality. In all your interactions with others, whether at home or at work, assertiveness can help you express yourself in a clear, open and reasonable way without undermining your own or anyone else's rights.

Assertiveness will help you to act in your own best interests, to assert your opinions without unnecessary negative feelings, to feel comfortable while expressing your feelings and to express your rights without denying the rights of other people.



Content of the e-learning "Assertiveness: the ability to assert yourself“

• Benefits of being assertive.
• The difference between passive, aggressive and assertive.
• Why aren't people assertive?
• How to deal with unassertive behavior?
• Common situations where assertiveness is needed and how to achieve it?
• Assertive verbal and non-verbal communication.
• Dealing with personality differences in an assertive manner.
• Myers-Briggs typology - defining personality types and improving working relationships.
• Learning styles - the Hunley-Mumford questionnaire and tips for its use.
• Assertiveness and diversity in the workplace.
• Tips for work-life balance.
• Channels of communication within the organization that support the creation of assertive relationships.
• Assertive Leadership.
• Tips for achieving happiness at work
• Additional tips and techniques for assertive behavior in the workplace.

Other materials: examples, problems, downloads, tests.

Example from the e-learning "Assertiveness: the ability to assert yoursel“

What is it to be assertive?

Being assertive means taking into account one's own and others' rights, desires, needs and aspirations. Assertiveness means encouraging others to openly express their own views, desires, feelings so that both parties can take appropriate action.

What does it mean to be passive?

Passive behaviour is expressed by acquiescing to the wishes of others and undermining individual rights and self-confidence.


Q: "Do you think you can find time to wash the windows today?"

Passive response, "Yes, I'll wash them after I finish shopping, cook, pick the kids up from school and wash the car!"

Assertive response, "I won't be able to wash them today as I have a lot of other things to do."

What does it mean to be aggressive?

When you behave aggressively towards someone else, you undermine their rights and self-esteem.

Aggressive people rarely show appreciation and their behavior offends others. Aggressive responses encourage others to act unassertively - aggressively or passively.

Aggressive behavior can be expressed in giving orders, ignoring, and disregarding others' feelings.

People who get an aggressive response may wonder what caused such a reaction and what they did to deserve it.

If thoughts and feelings are not stated clearly and accurately, it can lead to a situation where some people manipulate other people into agreeing with their thoughts and desires.

How is the training?

Each trainee receives a personal account to access the training. It is completed online, at a time and place convenient for the user. The only things needed are a computer/laptop and internet access.

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