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Online course Conflict management in teams

What are team conflicts and how to prevent them?

Every project manager hopes that team members work at their optimum capacity and get along with each other, but this very rarely happens in practice. There is a need to bring order or in other words - to manage conflicts in the team.

The focus of our e-learning is on the nature of team conflicts, their types and how they can be successfully managed - skills needed to maintain harmonious employee relations and a supportive working environment.

Conflict arising between members of a team is an unwanted, interpersonal problem that arises between two or more members of the same work group and negatively affects team performance.

The classification of conflicts is the basis for their effective management. Only after the manager has clarified the nature and cause of their occurrence can he or she select the best technique for resolving them.

We will offer a number of tips to prepare you for any situation. By mastering the skill of managing team conflicts, you will raise the quality of your employees' work and performance to a much higher level.



The structure of the training implies the gradual acquisition and build-up of knowledge, together with valuable tips that you can apply today.

I. What is conflict in a work teamп?

II. Types of conflict in a team


  1. Functional
  • Functional conflicts
  • Dysfunctional conflicts
  1. By origin of the conflict
  2. By behaviour
  • Constructive team conflicts
  • Destructive team conflicts

III. Team conflict resolution. Strategies and approach

  1. Defining conflict
  2. Assessing conflict
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Helpful tips for preventing team conflict
  5. Difficulties in managing team conflict
  6. Managing conflict when working remotely
  7. Preventing conflict when working remotely

How does the training work?

When a trainee signs up for the course, they are given a personal account to access the training. It is taken online, at a time and place convenient to the user.

Upon successful completion of the training, learners receive a certificate

If you are interested in our services or have further questions, you can contact us on +359 2 850 53 64 or e-mail: office@nitbg.com.

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