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Online course Decision making and problem solving

E-learning "Decision making and problem solving"

Decision making and problem solving are key skills that every person should have.

С каквото и да се занимавате, където и да се намирате, всеки ден трябва да вземате решения и да решавате проблеми – било то по-важни или не чак толкова – като например какво да закусите днес, в какъв цвят да пребоядисате кухнята, време ли е да сключите брак с партньора си и мн.др..

Връзката между вземането на решения и решаването на проблеми е силна. Вземането на решения може да се разглежда като част от процеса по решаване на проблемите.

Content of the e-learning "Decision Making and Problem Solving"

• What is the decision-making process?
• Intuition vs. Reasoning.
• Tips to help you make better decisions.
• Technique "Six Thinking Hats".
• Stages of the problem solving process.
•How to decide what is most important in life?

Example from e-learning "Decision making and problem solving“

Often the best solution comes when we change the way we look at a problem and by exploring all points of view. To do this, you can use the Six Thinking Hats approach, created by Maltese thinker, author, inventor and consultant Edward de Bono.

How to use the Six Thinking Hats approach?

Each "thinking cap" represents a different way of thinking.

White Hat: It can also be called informational, as it focuses on the information available. When "using" this hat, look carefully at the information you have, analyze past trends, and see what you can learn from them. Look for gaps in your knowledge, and try to either fill them or take them into account.

Red Hat: This is the emotional hat. When you "wear" the red hat, you need to examine the problem using your intuition and emotions. In addition, consider how others would react to your solution.

Black Hat: The black hat is the negative hat. With it, you should consider the potential negative outcomes of your decision. Try to understand why your decision might not be the best one. This is an important point as it highlights the weak points of your plan. But if you identify them, you will be able to eliminate them.

Yellow Hat: This hat helps you think positively. An optimistic viewpoint will show you the benefits of the solution and its value. The yellow hat will help you move forward even when everything seems bleak and difficult.

Green hat: The green hat represents creativity. With it, you create the creative solutions to the problem. It is a free and unrestricted way of thinking that does not criticize ideas.

Blue Hat: This is the so-called managerial hat - it represents controlling the process -the presentation of the problem, the reasons for the discussion and the ultimate goals.

How training is delivered?

Each trainee receives a personal account to access the training. It is completed online, at a time and place convenient for the user. The only things needed are a computer/laptop and internet access. 

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