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Online course Fundamentals of Leadership

E-learning to improve your leadership skills

Leadership Essentials e-learning contains up-to-date and useful information on what it means to be a true leader

In this course, you will learn the basics of leadership and how to create your own leadership style. We will look at the qualities of great leaders: planning and organizing, leading and communicating - the recipe for success of a true leader. 

In Leadership Essentials, you will learn a lot and useful information about this:

- How to build your own leadership style?
- What are the qualities that successful leaders must have?
- What is strategic thinking?
- How to apply motivational techniques in leadership?
- What is active listening?
- How to maintain communication in difficult situations?

Content of the e-learning Leadership Fundamental

1. Module 1. What is leadership and how to build your own leadership style?

2. Module 2. Qualities of successful leaders. Planning and organizing skills

3. Module 3. Qualities of successful leaders. Leadership skills

4. Module 4. Qualities of successful leaders. Communication skills for leaders

How is the training?

Each trainee receives a personal account to access the training. It is completed online, at a time and place convenient for the user. The only things needed are a computer/laptop and internet access. 

If you are interested in our services or have further questions, please contact us at +359 2 850 53 64 or e-mail: office@nitbg.com

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