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Online course Information Security

Learn all about the dangers looming over your company

What do you need to know about Information Security? Ensure your company is protected from malicious attacks!

When it comes to running a company, information security training and courses are a vital element in building its solid foundation and ensuring its successful development in the future.

The digitalisation of the world is increasing its impact on our lives every day. This reinforces the need to take serious measures to protect the vast amount of information that is collected in the digital space.

No matter how big your company is, you have the responsibility to protect both company data and that of your employees, and that's no easy task. You face all sorts of dangers that will take more than a little luck to eliminate. In addition to the disasters of nature, you'll be up against skilled hackers who are just waiting for the right moment to strike. They can use a variety of methods to get their hands on your confidential information, break into your systems and destroy them completely. They may use bribes, eavesdrop on conversations, try to contact your colleagues by impersonating someone else.

Sounds like an action movie, doesn't it? But this is the harsh reality we don't wish you to face.

In order to provide impenetrable protection for your company, you first and foremost need to take care of its internal security. In other words, you need to select your team very carefully, get to know them, know that you can trust them completely and, above all, train them in information security: how to recognise danger and how to avoid it.

Are there cases where it is acceptable to turn off antivirus programs?

Do you have to take any measures when you get up from your workplace?

Can you say for sure that the computer technician is really well-meaning?

We will give you the answer.

NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd has created an online Information Security course that covers everything you need to prepare yourself and your employees for possible attacks, how to spot them in time and how to respond.

Information Security Training Content

Part 1: Concept and summary of information security

Part 2: Main types of protected information and their characteristics

Part 3: Technical means of protecting information

Part 4: Physical protection of information

Part 5: Organisational information protection

Who is the training suitable for?

The course is very useful for new recruits as well as long-standing employees. As time goes on, hackers are improving their techniques more and more, so it's good to keep your knowledge in this area up to date.

Do not underestimate the danger. Every minute counts when it comes to your company's security. Don't wait until it's too late to take action. Do it now!

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