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Online Course Innovation and Innovation Management 

How to implement and manage innovation in your company?

According to many people, innovation involves the process of creating new ideas. But this is only part of the truth.

Equally important are the processes of adopting them and creating ways to use them on a daily basis.

In the e-learning course "Innovation and Innovation Management" we have gathered useful and practical information on how to apply the innovative approach in the management process, as well as how to inspire and motivate your employees, enabling them to unleash their full potential for the benefit of the organization.

The training is suitable for managers and executives as well as for anyone who wants to use the power of innovation to achieve success in their business and personal development.

The training includes:

Theoretical part: 7 modules
Examples: 3 unit
Lessons: 4 unit
Assignments: 1 unit
Case study: 1 unit
Input test
Final test
Total: 98 slides (theoretical part: 63 slides, entrance test: 17 slides, final test: 18 slides).
Interaction: 456
Characters - presenters: 1 unit.
Characters in lecture material: 7 unit


Contents of the e-learning "Innovation and Innovation Management“

Module 1. What is innovation and how is it managed?

What is innovation?
Types of innovation.
What is the innovation management process?

Module 2. Innovation adoption

Groups of people according to the way they perceive innovation.
How do individuals decide whether or not to adopt an innovation?

Module 3. Creativity as part of the innovation process

Introduction to creativity.
What is brainstorming?
Types of brainstorming - individual and group.
How to lead a brainstorming session?
Techniques to improve creativity.
Challenges of managing ideas.

Module 4. Innovation strategy in today's rapidly evolving world

What is innovation strategy?
Tips for improving innovation strategy.

Module 5. What are stage gate models?

Main objective.
What do stage gate models look like?
Stage gate model in detail.
How do stage gate models work?
How to choose the right innovation ideas?

Module 6. What is a team and what is its influence in the innovation process?

Why are teams a key element in the innovation process?
How to form a successful innovation team?
Why is diversity in team composition so important?
How to successfully manage an innovation team?

Module 7. Internet of Things

How will the Internet of Things change innovation?
How to prepare your company for the Internet of Things?
How will IoT change business?

Case study from the e-learning "Innovation and Innovation Management"

Hello! My name is Lubomir and I am the new CEO of the country's largest software company. As part of the innovation strategy for next year, I plan to develop a new product in the field of mobile phones.
Which of the following employees will I need to complete the project?
a) Kaloyan, an electronics engineer.
b) Victor, a designer.
c) Borislava, marketing specialist.
d) Veneta, financial consultant."
Ans. The learner should tick all the answers.

How is the training conducted?

Each trainee receives a personal account to access the training. It is taken online, at a time and place convenient to the user. The only things needed are a computer/laptop and internet access.


If you are interested in our services or have further questions, you can contact us at +359 2 850 53 64 or e-mail: office@nitbg.com

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