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Online Course Microsoft Excel Advanced

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Microsoft Excel Advanced Training Course: With the Microsoft Excel Advanced training, you will gain confidence with the program and save time!

Excel Courses that will expand your knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2016 .

Learning Objectives

Microsoft Excel is a computer program designed specifically for those of you whose daily activities require creating, processing and managing spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel has many features including calculation functions, options for creating lists of data, charts, reports, etc. The program makes entering and editing information easy and fast. For this, however, you need to have a good knowledge of the capabilities it offers.

The online Excel training "Microsoft Excel for advanced" will allow you to explore in depth the possibilities of this powerful tool You will learn the secrets of Excel. You will gain valuable knowledge that will make your job easier and save you valuable time.

The course is delivered online, giving you the freedom to learn at a time and place that suits you. The only things you need are access to the internet, a computer/laptop and, of course, the desire.

A certificate of completion for Microsoft Excel 2016 training is available.

Training content

The theoretical part, consisting of 5 modules, is presented in an interactive way, it is filled with many visual elements through which we have gradually explained each action studied with the program. We have also prepared exercise work files and training videos.

Take a closer look at the content of the Excel e-learning "Microsoft Excel for Advanced", which is in the form of an Excel tutorial:

Module 1. Working with functions

  • Working with ranges:
    • Selecting an entire row or multiple rows
    • Selecting an entire column or multiple columns
    • Selecting a cell as well as a block of 3X3 cells
    • Selection of random cells
    • Copy/cut and paste a range, move a range
    • Filling a specified space
    • Exercise - working with ranges
  • Working with logical functions:
    • F function
    • Function NOT
    • AND function
    • OR function
    • Exercise - working with functions
  • Working with date and time functions:
    • Date Calculations
    • How to add days, months, years to a date(function TODAY, DAY, MONTH, YEAR)
    • How to add time in Excel, how to display times correctly (SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR function)
    • Working with text functions - TEXT, FIND, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, TRIM, PROPER, SUBSTITUTE, UPPER, LOWER.

Module 2. Working with lists

  • Sorting data:
    • Using Sort sheet
    • Using Sheet range
    • Creating a custom sort
    • Sorting Levels
    • Exercise - Sorting Data
  • Data Filtering:
    • How to filter data
    • Using multiple filters simultaneously
    • Deleting or clearing a filter
    • Advanced filtering
    • Advanced filtering
    • Using advanced text, date and number filters (Advanced text filters; Advanced data filters; Advanced number filters)
    • Exercises
  • Data queries with database functions:
    • Overview of Excel database functions
    • Grouping and summarizing data
    • Grouping rows and columns
    • Creating a Subtotal
    • Groups displayed by level
    • Subtotal exercise (video)

Module 3: Data Analysis

  • Create and customize tables:
    • Format data as a table
    • Customizing tables - rows and columns, changing table style and settings
    • Removing a table
    • Formatting tables exercise (video)
  • Intermediate Conditional Formatting:
    • Conditional Formatting - Settings (Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets)
    • Remove Conditional Formatting
    • Exercise - Intermediate Conditional Formatting (video)

Module 4. Visualizing data with charts

  • Creating charts:
    • How are charts used? Chart insertion.
    • Chart settings - layout style, insert title, rearrange data, change chart type, move, update.
    • Exercise - Creating charts (video)
  • Advanced chart features:
    • MileStone Chart
    • Gantt chart
    • Bell Curve Chart
    • Sales Funnel Diagram

Module 5. Data Analysis with PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Analyzing PivotTable Data:
    • Adding Columns to a PivotTable
    • Modifying a row or column
    • Filters, adding no filters
    • Exercise - Analyzing PivotTable data (videoо)
  • Presenting data with PivotCharts
  • Filtering data using Slicers:
    • Adding a Slicer
    • Exercise - Filtering Data with Slicers (video)

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"Много съм доволна от курса! Информацията е поднесена разбираемо и синтезирано. Видеата помогнаха за по-доброто и бързо усвояване на прочетеното. Приложените файлове са добра идея за упражнение. Бих се възползвала и от други Ваши курсове."

Миглена Станчева

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