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Online course Microsoft PowerPoint for beginners

Online Microsoft PowerPoint self-study course

Microsoft PowerPoint gives you the freedom to realize your presentation design vision quickly and easily

How to make Microsoft PowerPoint part of your design process? This online course offers you what you're looking for to lay a solid foundation of your knowledge for working with the program. The course offers you an easy way to train yourself to use PowerPoint on your own, at a time that is convenient for you. When you sign up for the course, you will receive a personal account that will allow you to access the training and self-study materials. The training is designed with innovative technology. It is extremely easy to move from topic to topic and track your educational progress - what you have passed and what you have left to pass.

Course objectives

Laying the foundation for working with PowerPoint. We'll start with some interesting facts about the program. We'll look at slides - the beginning of PowerPoint. Working through the exercises, you'll consistently create your first presentation from scratch, to finished product level, and even make it into a video file. We'll work with audio and vidio, and record video from the screen. Interesting and easy to follow lessons are waiting for you. Download the files from the course folder and start creating interesting and engaging presentations!


Module 1. Introduction to the program - history, interesting facts. Why choose PowerPoint?

Module 2. Creating a PowerPoint presentation - first steps

Module 3. Design in PowerPoint. How to make your presentation "Wow!"

Module 4. Presenting in PowerPoint

For whom the training is suitable?

One of the many advantages of the program is its multifunctionality. It is known worldwide for being used by large enterprises as well as users with a beginner's knowledge of presenting.

Presenting a topic in an interesting way seems like an easy task, but you will see that it requires a certain amount of knowledge. Where do people look first on a screen? How do you hold people's attention for a certain amount of time and get them to take in what you want to present?

Check out the free resource "How to make a memorable presentation and deliver it successfully?".

Give yourself a solid foundation of giving presentations using the Microsoft PowerPoint tool.


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